Council Guide Training

The call for the Delicate Lodge Teachings and Council Guide Training (CGT) is expanding around the world. The CGT has travelled from the USA to Austria, Germany, Denmark, England, Turkey and now Switzerland and Spain. And in this evolving there is a new adventure opening.
When WhiteEagle Woman was asked to offer the CGT to the KaosPilots in Switzerland there was no hesitation. For White Eagle the KaosPilots’ willingness to grow new ideas to bring wholeness to business, education and community is in perfect alignment with the dream of the Teachings.
Our world needs more leaders right now to open to a greater perspective of what is needed for balance, and with the spirit to dance this important information into all levels of society. You don’t have to be enrolled as a KaosPilot to join this CGT and if you see yourself as a creative leader, change maker or social entrepreneur in any realm you will blend in perfectly.
If you feel drawn to understand yourself more deeply, then this CGT will help evolve to your true potential. By challenging your limiting images, attitudes, beliefs and opinions, you will open to your Higher Self. And if you yearn to help others in the world, then this training is for you.
Will you be sitting with us around the fire?

New CGTs starting in 2018

Join CGT Switzerland 7 in October 2018!
More information here.

Next Cornplantings / Info-Event 
Bern, May 3, 18-21h at Innovationsdorf Bern
More information here.

Join CGT US 11 in New Mexico in May 2018!
More information here

SunDance in Denmark in July 2018
More information here.

Conference Moving from Pyramids to Circles 
April 16-19, 2018 on Schweibenalp. More info here.









"The most important thing you can do to change the course of history on our planet is to heal yourself of limiting and diminishing thoughts about yourself.

Create a vibrant and healthy relationship with yourself.

It will change everything in your world, and mine."


WhiteEagle Woman


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