Dates for CGT SUI 6

Introduction Ceremony: October 9-14, 2017
We start on the first day late afternoon on Schweibenalp.
• Ceremony 1, February 12-17, 2018 
• Ceremony 2, June 5-10, 2018
• Ceremony 3, October 1-6, 2018
• Ceremony 4, February 4-9, 2019
• Ceremony 5, June 10-15, 2019
• Ceremony 6, October 7-12, 2019
• Ceremony 7, January 13-18, 2020 
• Ceremony 8, April 20-25, 2020
• Ceremony 9, July 18-25, 2020, Tulum / Mexico

AND: CGT SUI 7 will start on October 15-20, 2018

The price for this two year training is divided in four parts:

1: Tuition for the teaching
2: Accommodation
3: Web-based forum
4. Travel and expenses for the 9th ceremony in Tulum / Mexico

1: The tuition is USD 1'178.- for the Introduction ceremony "Five Arrows" and USD 10'600 for the two year programme. A total of USD 11'778.-

2: The price for the venue per ceremony including full board vegetarian food. All price are pr. night. There are different options for accommodation:

  • Own tent: CHF 85
  • Shared room (4-6 people): CHF 115
  • Double room: CHF 125 
  • Single room: CHF 140
The venue is aiming to keep these prices throughout the training, but does reserve the right to need to change this. The venue costs is paid directly to the venue, half of it as a deposit prior to the stay. When we are more than 30 participants the prices will be slightly reduced. 

3: In addition to this there'll be a annual fee of CHF 60 to cover the costs of the web-based forum for all the participants. This is due in the beginning of every training year.

4. For the last training ceremony week, we will be in Tulum/Mexico in the old land of where these teachings have their origins. Travels to Cancun cost approximately CHF 1000 - 1500.- early bookers get cheaper tickets. This last ceremony week is designed as a collaborative fundraising as a circle, so that everybody can make it there. 



For each ceremony - apart from the completion in Mexico - these are the times of arrival and departure:


To ensure that all are present and ready when we begin Mondays at 6 pm, we advice an arrival not later than Mondays at 4 pm, so registration and payment of venue as well as set up of tent or landing in your room will be complete.

We complete the ceremonies around 3 pm on Saturdays.

For the full benefit of the training we see that you take fully part in the full length of all nine ceremonies. If you cannot make the first ceremony, but can make all the rest, please get in contact with us.


Set in the hights of the Alps the venue Schweibenalp offers beautiful surroundings, closeness to Mother Earth, good basic accomodation and food - all nourishing aspects which will support our journey.

Read more about the venue here...


Please register as early as possible and no later than September 1st, 2017:

Go to our registrationpage here...
Please contact DawnJaguar:
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