WhiteEagle Woman

WhiteEagle Woman is a medicine Keeper of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, a body of teachings that moved through ancient cultures indigenous to the Americas. She has spent 13 years in apprenticeship incorporating, mastering, and now teaching this ancient body of Medicine knowledge with the founders of Ehama Institute, taking responsibility to assist in again creating cultures of harmony and respect for all of life.



In her lifetime, her journey has included building and fostering circles of people gathering around this wisdom in Europe, the United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and in the United States. Her work assists self- development, healing, and a connection to the Hoop of Life. This is accomplished through her fostering of community circles of training, personal ceremonies on the Earth with individuals, and healing ceremonies.



As well, she has worked with organizations teaching about balanced decision making, the medicine way of leadership, visioning, and by assisting them to create work places of deeply dedicated people who feel valued. She takes people and organizations on experiential journeys to establish self-authority, self-respect, and honor for the self, one another and our Earth.



WhiteEagle Woman helped to grow the Ehama Institute in California and lived there for over nine years. The last seven years she has been traveling our Earth carrying this ancient wisdom way. She founded DanceHammers as an affiliate of the Ehama Institute. She works with those individuals, community circles, and organizations that choose to claim their part in creating the change toward wholeness in human affairs and has lead many CGT and other training programmes.

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Every Council Guide Training circle is held by a group of Guides. All the Guides have completed their own Council Guide Training and have stepped into the deeper training of the Delicate Lodge Teachings. 

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