For the first time ever, the Council Guide Training has been integrated into an education as part of the curriculum, namely the KaosPilots in Switzerland.

The KaosPilots is a 3 year full time education for creative leaders, social entrepreneurs and change makers. It has more than 25 years background in Denmark and took off in Switzerland in the beginning of October in 2012. Based on the proven concepts from Scandinavia the Swiss offspring is also taking its own steps towards dynamic evolving and weaves in the Council Guide Training. And already the first 2 groups of students have graduated as KaosPilots and Council Guides.

The CGT SUI 6 from 2017-2020 in Switzerland will again consist of a mixed group of people, including the students from Team 6 at the KaosPilots and interested people from anywhere on this Planet.
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Growing as Strong Entrepreneurs and Community Builders

The KaosPilots are a group of people who wants to create the most inspiring education for the World. For a strong foundation as creative leaders, responsible entrepreneurs and changemakers, it takes commitment to self-development, untamed free imagination and self-discipline to move towards our dreams.

In the KaosPilots' world this inner training is called the "Inner Pilot". As part of this major aspect of self-development, the KaosPilots in Bern have integrated the Council Guide Training into their curriculum, to enable their students to learn and discover the self, the different voices inside of ourselves and the ancient tools and knowledge of how to move forward as an individual and as one community and tribe.

Here is a video interview with WhiteEagle Woman where she speaks to why this bridge of a young management school from Scandinavia and an old Medicine tradition may turn into an inspiring and powerful way to train young leaders and entrepreneurs for the challenges today and tomorrow (6:28 min): 
Photos by Beni Reusser.
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