Getting there
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Staircase to the extraordinary


Schweibenalp is situated in the middle of the Bernese Oberland Alps on a plateau 1100 m above sea level. From the border of the Giessbach Gorge one has a stunning view towards the Rothorn mountain chain, the Axalphorn and the Brienz lake. Amidst waterfalls, alpine meadows, forests and mountains Schweibenalp is an invitation to deepen with nature, to enjoy silence and allow oneself to open to the mystery.
The history of Schweibenalp as a sacred place goes back to the time of the Celts when Druids lived and had their rituals and celebrations up here. Around 500 A.D. the Christian religion reached the Bernese Oberland and Schweibenalp became property of the monastery of St. Gallen. So it comes that one of the pilgrimage paths to Santiago de Compostela (Road to Santiago) goes through the Schweibenalp.
The kitchen at Schweibenalp cooks with a lot of heart vegetarian meals. The ingredients are partly organic, and when in season they use vegetables, fruits and herbs from their onw permaculture garden.

The three meals are served as a diverse buffet with a want to be creative both in the content and presentation.
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