The Training Dates for the CGT SUI 4 (2015-2018)

Introduction Ceremony "Five Arrows": 12-17th October 2015 
We recommend to arrive on Monday evening for every training week.

• Ceremony 1: 15-20th February 2016 
• Ceremony 2: 6-11th June 2016 
• Ceremony 3: 10-15th October 2016

• Ceremony 4, February 13-18, 2017
• Ceremony 5, June 5-10, 2017
• Ceremony 6, October 9-14, 2017
• Ceremony 7, January 8-13, 2018
(with the teaching ceremony for external participants from 9-11th of January 2018)

• Ceremony 8, April 9-14, 2018
• Ceremony 9, July 17-22, 2018 Tulum (with arrival in Cancun on Tuesday, July 17 and departure from Cancun on Tuesday, 24th of July
About the Guides in this Training:
Joanne de Norbriga - medicine name: Accalia
Accalia lives in England except for when she is traveling the world on journeys of exploration and photographic assignments. After 20 years in the corporate world, latterly in the field of organisational and personal development, Accalia left to pursue a very different way of life.

She came to the teachings of the Delicate Lodge 8 years ago through a series for synchronicities and has been in deep study ever since.

This is her second time of guiding. "When I first came to the land and the wisdom, I realised I had come home. These teachings are the foundation of everything I do and am in this life."

Accalia is also developing ways to weave these teachings with her beautiful photography and creating pathways to consciousness.
Jan Louis Grossenbacher – medicine name: LightWolf
LightWolf stumbled over the Kaospilots searching for an education where he could learn to create an impact and change the world - change starts within. In the Council Guide Training he found ways to ignite that change which is ever growing and went on the journey to become the best version of himself. 
In 2016 he moved to Birmingham with his girlfriend to make a lifelong dream come true - to live in Britain one day. He works independently as a change facilitator, coach, tutor and is active as social entrepreneur.
As a Council Guide he shares his knowledge and holds the space for people to walk on their own journey of change and personal growth and he seeks to deepen the understanding of the medicine staying curious as ever. 
Matti Straub-Fischer - medicine name: DawnJaguar
DawnJaguar is the initiator and one of the driving forces behind the Council Guide Trainings here in Switzerland. 

He was drawn to the Medicine Teachings of the Delicate Lodge because he was always interested in the things that we can not easily see with our eyes - our imagination, our searching for peaceful ways of being together, our wondering how we are connected to all of Life and its mystery. And his passion to create selfresponsible organizations where people can bring in their full selves and move together like a tribe where every voice matters.

As Guardian of a small consulting company, he loves to work with companies, teams and communities to co-create sustainable solutions and projects. He is also Headmaster of the first KaosPilot school in Switzerland in Bern – the first education with an included Council Guide Training in its curriculum.

DawnJaguar lives with his wife and a black cat in the wild beautiful countryside near Bern.
Please contact DawnJaguar:
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