The Training Dates for the CGT SUI 5 (2016-2019)

Introduction Ceremony: October 17-22, 2016
We start on the first day late afternoon on Schweibenalp.
• Ceremony 1, February 6-11, 2017 
(with a catch-up ceremony for new Seekers from Saturday, February 4th to the 5th) 
• Ceremony 2, June 6-11, 2017
• Ceremony 3, October 2-7, 2017
• Ceremony 4, February 5-10, 2018
• Ceremony 5, June 4-9, 2018
• Ceremony 6, October 8-13, 2018
• Ceremony 7, January 14-19, 2019 
• Ceremony 8, April 9-14, 2019
• Ceremony 9, July 14-21, 2019, Tulum / Mexico

AND: CGT SUI 6 will start on October 16-21, 2017
About the Guides in this Training:
Sidsel Andersen - medicine name: SpringDancer
I am a Guide because I am passionate about exploring the capabilities, power and potential inside of my self and other beings. I feel the urge to live, feel and think in a more conscious and lifegiving way and I want to help others to develop their consciousness and find their own answers to the questions that life brings.

I see how different I show up in life when I take full responsibility for my self, and I see what difference it makes for the world around me when we are true and authentic authors of our own lives and our creations. This is what I want to promote and grow around me and within me. And therefore I am happy to go on the CGT Guide journey with you. 
Natalia Nowicka - medicine name: White Leopard Woman
Natalia has a courage and strong yearning for the search in meaning. She always has had a deep interest for human nature and she dares to be inquisitive, also with herself. She left a stable job in the analytical business for her 3 year full-time Kaospilots education and is now moving into the field of personal and organizational development. Her dream is to change the way we work and interact together. The key to this change for her lies in strengthening trust and reflection.

Her CGT journey started in 2013 and she became more and more amazed what impact the training was having on herself as well as in her tribe members. She is using the CGT teachings for her own growth and in the work she does with groups and organizations. She sees guiding as a calling to help committed people to find their inner strength.

Natalia lives with her partner in Zürich.
Fredrik Petterson - medicine name: ThunderBird
I am a hungry learner, trained KaosPilot, previous manager, and Football player.

I am passionate about personal development – finding deeper understanding for others and myself and striving for our highest potential. I want to support and challenge us as humans to take life into our own hands, freeing ourselves from any limiting beliefs.

In the Delicate Lodge Teachings I have found a bundle of tools, a language, and a community that has enabled me to look deeply into all my relations and myself. With the help of the teachings I have started to uncover the underlying systemic forces at play, how I have been, and am, co-creating these in my life, and how I can change them if needed.

I currently live in Stockholm, Sweden where I’m working with refugee children. 
Matti Straub-Fischer - medicine name: DawnJaguar
DawnJaguar is the initiator and one of the driving forces behind the Council Guide Trainings here in Switzerland. 

He was drawn to the Medicine Teachings of the Delicate Lodge because he was always interested in the things that we can not easily see with our eyes - our imagination, our searching for peaceful ways of being together, our wondering how we are connected to all of Life and its mystery. And his passion to create selfresponsible organizations where people can bring in their full selves and move together like a tribe where every voice matters.

As Guardian of a small consulting company, he loves to work with companies, teams and communities to co-create sustainable solutions and projects. He is also Headmaster of the first KaosPilot school in Switzerland in Bern – the first education with an included Council Guide Training in its curriculum.

DawnJaguar lives with his wife and a black cat in the wild beautiful countryside near Bern.
Please contact DawnJaguar:
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