A call to Turkey

In 2009 WhiteEagle Woman, keeper of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge felt the call to bring the bundle of teachings to Turkey. Since that time two circles, approximately 30 people, have journeyed through the teachings – following their yearning to remember who they are. 
It is now time to bring a third circle together. Building on the foundation of those who have gone before, three guides, Accalia, SpiritFalcon and MoonEagle, supported by our teacher WhiteEagle Woman are opening a new circle.



Ceremony 1:    7th - 11th December (venue in Turkey for the first 8 ceremonies still to be confirmed) 
Ceremony 2:    1st - 5th March    
Ceremony 3:    24th - 28th May 
Ceremony 4:    30th Aug. - 3rd Sept.
Ceremony 5:    29th Nov. - 3rd Dec.
Ceremony 6:    14th - 18th March
Ceremony 7:    11th - 15th July 
Ceremony 8:    26th - 30th September
Ceremony 9:    5th - 9th December
                        (TULUM Mexico)

The price for this two year training is divided in three parts:

1: Tuition for the teaching
2: Accommodation
3: Web-based forum

The tuition is $10,600 for the two year programme.

The price for the venue is still to be announced.

In addition to this there'll be a annual fee of $60 to cover the costs of the web-based forum for all the participants.



For each ceremony - apart from the completion in Tulum, this is the time of arrival and departure:


To ensure that all are present and ready when we begin Wednesday mornings, we advice an arrival not later than Tuesday evening.


We complete around 4 pm on Sundays and you can leave after this.

Contacts are
MoonEagle on yucelkosal@yahoo.com

Find us on FaceBook too.

If you wish to sign up for the training, please click here.


The first ceremony will tak place at Narkoy http://www.narkoy.com/en/

Narköy is an educationally focused venue, surrounded by organic agricultural farmland and a magnificent forest. With its 14 rooms, family and group lodging units, nomad tents, a restaurant featuring organic farm meals, indoor and outdoor classrooms I creates a powerful base for our work together. It is situated within beautiful nature and at the same time close to Istanbul.

Please contact DawnJaguar: matti.straub@changels.ch
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