The Training Dates for the CGT SUI 6 (2017-2020)

Introduction Ceremony: October 9-14, 2017
We start on the first day late afternoon on Schweibenalp.
• Ceremony 1, February 12-17, 2018 
• Ceremony 2, June 5-10, 2018
• Ceremony 3, October 1-6, 2018
• Ceremony 4, February 4-9, 2019
• Ceremony 5, June 10-15, 2019
• Ceremony 6, October 7-12, 2019
• Ceremony 7, January 13-18, 2020 
• Ceremony 8, April 20-25, 2020
• Ceremony 9, July 18-25, 2020, Tulum / Mexico

AND: CGT SUI 7 will start on October 15-20, 2018
About the Guides in this Training:
Ruth Walter medicine name: HummingDeer
Project leader, traveller, life dancer, and singer, trained KaosPilot, Process Consultant and Coach.
„It is important to me to remind myself over and over again of the limitless potential of every (Human) being around me and myself.“
For Ruth, the Council Guide training holds an immense value and deep wisdom about life. She is fascinated by how much she has learnt about herself and about how to be and work in communities.
Through the training she has a different understanding of what it means to be self-responsible and live the life that she really wants.
In her last semester at the Kaospilots she is exploring the topic of self-love and how she can support people in their personal development through coaching and process consulting.
She is looking forward to spending time with open and interested people on the beautiful land of Schweibenalp, Brienz.
Ruth lives together with her partner in Bern and Zurich.
Robyn Fisher – medicine name: AutumnRaven
Eda  Aydogan – medicine name: CoralThunder
Matthias Straub-Fischer – medicine name: DawnJaguar
DawnJaguar is the initiator and one of the driving forces behind the Council Guide Trainings here in Switzerland. 

He was drawn to the Medicine Teachings of the Delicate Lodge because he was always interested in the things that we can not easily see with our eyes - our imagination, our searching for peaceful ways of being together, our wondering how we are connected to all of Life and its mystery. And his passion to create selfresponsible organizations where people can bring in their full selves and move together like a tribe where every voice matters.

As Guardian of a small consulting company, he loves to work with companies, teams and communities to co-create sustainable solutions and projects. He is also Headmaster of the first KaosPilot school in Switzerland in Bern – the first education with an included Council Guide Training in its curriculum.

DawnJaguar lives with his wife and a black cat in the wild beautiful countryside near Bern.
Urs Gantenbein – medicine name: PureWings
He loves being close to the land. In his early years as a gardener and wilderness guide for individual and group development, now as a Council Guide. He has a deep love to craft medicine-drums with people in a ceremonial way. In his final year at the Kaospilots Switzerland, he is researching on prototypes for personal & company development. He is self-employed as a coach in community-, project- and business-development and strives for sustainability over seven generations.

To step in as a guide for the Council Guide Training is one of his deepest yearnings. To explore and remember together the true natures of human being. Living with the Medicine Wheels in ceremony and in his every day life. With a gentle holding of this wisdom to co-create beauty.

He traveled the world and now lives in Bern with his medicine-drums.
Please contact DawnJaguar:
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