The Training Dates for the CGT SUI 7 (2018-2021)

Cornplantings (info events) in Bern:
- Thursday, May 3, 2018, from 18-21h at the Innovationsdorf Bern
- Saturday, May 26, 2018 from 10-13h at the KaosPilots Spring Academy, at the Innovationsdorf in Bern
- Thursday, August 23, 2018 from 18-21h at the Innovationsdorf Bern

Introduction Ceremony: October 8-13, 2018
We start on the first day late afternoon on Schweibenalp.

Ceremony 1: February 11-16, 2019
Ceremony 2: June 3-8, 2019
Ceremony 3: September 30-October 5, 2019

Ceremony 4: February 3-8, 2020
Ceremony 5: June 1-6, 2020
Ceremony 6: October 12-17, 2020

Ceremony 7: January 2021 (dates to be confirmed)
Ceremony 8: April 2021 (dates to be confirmed)
Ceremony 9: July 2021 (dates to be confirmed)
The final Ceremony 9 will be held in a beautiful nature resort in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, the land where this tradition originally came from. 

About the Guides in this Training:
Eda Aydogan – medicine name: Coral Thunder
She loves guiding people in growing themselves. CoralThunder has been guiding CGT in Spain and is now also guiding in Switzerland for CGT SUI 6 and 7.
Pernille Simmelgaard – medicine name: EagleHeart
EagleHeart is a teacher, facilitator and guide, who has devoted her life’s journey to explore, deepen and share Earth Wisdom and the Teachings of The Delicate Lodge. She has in the last 20 years been facilitating personal, relationship and organizational development in many different areas.
In every aspect of life EagleHeart is seeking to create balance and wholeness, and a deep connection to Mother Earth and all of our relations with life. Her main areas of focus are to develop a healthy relationship to ourselves as humans and to all life around us, to live one's life to the fullest and make choices from the heart, to seek with heart, courage and self-authorship in our actions, and move towards a more balanced way of living in general. She believes in a life lived authentically, from the essence of who we truly are, as we find and express our unique creativity and potential in life.
EagleHeart lives in Denmark with her Husband Lars, their kids Thomas 13 years and Emil 11 years old, and their beloved dog Batman.
Urs Gantenbein – medicine name: PureWings
He loves being close to the land. In his early years as a gardener and wilderness guide for individual and group development, now as a Council Guide. He has a deep love to craft medicine-drums with people in a ceremonial way. In his final year at the Kaospilots Switzerland, he is researching on prototypes for personal & company development. He is self-employed as a coach in community-, project- and business-development and strives for sustainability over seven generations.

To step in as a guide for the Council Guide Training is one of his deepest yearnings. To explore and remember together the true natures of human being. Living with the Medicine Wheels in ceremony and in his every day life. With a gentle holding of this wisdom to co-create beauty.

He traveled the world and now lives in Bern with his medicine-drums.
Matthias Straub-Fischer – medicine name: DawnJaguar
DawnJaguar is the initiator and one of the driving forces behind the Council Guide Trainings here in Switzerland.

He was drawn to the Medicine Teachings of the Delicate Lodge because he was always interested in the things that we can not easily see with our eyes - our imagination, our searching for peaceful ways of being together, our wondering how we are connected to all of Life and its mystery. And his passion to create selfresponsible organizations where people can bring in their full selves and move together like a tribe where every voice matters.

As Guardian of a small consulting company, he loves to work with companies, teams and communities to co-create sustainable solutions and projects. He is also Headmaster of the first KaosPilot school in Switzerland in Bern – the first education with an included Council Guide Training in its curriculum.

DawnJaguar lives with his wife and a black cat in the wild beautiful countryside near Bern.
Please contact DawnJaguar:
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