Council Guide Training

The Council Guide Training comes from a tradition of knowledge that is thousands of years old, called the Delicate Lodge Teachings. Traditionally teachers passed this knowledge on to students in apprenticeships that lasted many years.


About 30 years ago, however, the Keepers of the Delicate Lodge saw the need to move the teachings out into the world – to families, communities, organizations and businesses. They dreamed a way to offer the teachings in the modern world, a way that still honoured the old path, and the Council Guide Training was born.

Individuality within Togetherness

Vital for our fulfilment is also the quality of our relationships with intimate partner, family, community and all our relations.


The Delicate Lodge Teachings evolved in tribes which celebrated individuality within togetherness, so its tools enable us to honour each other's self-authority while promoting peace and harmony.


It is a circular way of self-organising, not a hierarchical one, and leads to vitality. These tools are needed in our world today.


"To walk the path of the human, we must recognize the Sacred Self as a being of self-power who has the ability to respond, to choose right relationship; first within the self and then in relationship with all life."

WhiteEagle Woman

Structure of the training

The CGT is a 2,5-year programme in which participants meet four times a year for five days - nine ceremonies plus a 5 day ceremony of Five Arrows and introduction to the Teachings of the Delicate Lodge.

The first year involves intensive study and integration of learnings within the Self. This work is done as individuals and together as a team. Participants learn to interact as a self-organizing learning circle. Everyone is expected to involve themselves deeply in the study and practice of the teachings and to grow their self-knowledge by applying the tools they are taught in their daily lives.

Between each ceremony assignments assist the integration of the tools and participants are supported personally by their Guide in this process. They also participate in a bi-monthly electronic reporting process and the whole group interacts online throughout the training. 

After this first year of study and self-integration, the second part of the training is much like a physician’s residency program. In addition to attending the four required ceremonies, participants create other opportunities to demonstrate their ability to deliver these teachings under supervision. In this way, each person can be confident that they have truly incorporated the tools and practices for their own use and for sharing with others if they choose to do that.

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