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January 5th, 2018

We will hold a Kiva vigil ceremony again in Switzerland in Oberbalm near Bern on January 5th, 2018.

The ceremony will be held from 3pm to 10pm by DawnJaguar and supported by a beautiful group of people from our Council Guides and our KaosPilots community here in Switzerland.

We have space for 25 persons. 


If you have questions, please feel free to contact DawnJaguar. +41 79 345 28 28 

Open for all

The ceremony is open to everybody who feels called no matter of prior experience and training.

The ceremony costs are CHF 80.- which covers the venue related costs, the firewood and the materials we will need. In addition everybody will bring some food for the potluck dinner.

More information will follow when you sign up.


Kiva Vigil Ceremony

Winter time has its own magic. Life slows down as Winter wakes up and brings long nights, cold temperatures and winter storms with snow and rain. In this time the busy, active life of animals and plants slow down or stop for the winter, when they retire into their roots, burrows, caves and nests. But the life force of plants and animals hasn't been diminished, it has changed form. In the womb of Mother Earth a different kind of activity is unfolding - Dreaming.


Within the human the Dreaming is very active in this time, too. Our ancestors knew and honoured the Energy of Winter and withdrew from much outer activity. Spending more time inside their lodges, mending tools, telling stories of the year that had passed, harvesting the learning from their experience and spending time Dreaming. We modern humans are often unconscious of this important cycle of life. In order to be able to align with the energies in this time of the year, we need to slow down and turn our awareness inwards to be able to be with the Dreaming.


In the ceremony of an afternoon and evening, we honour this important time and become quiet and review, learn and listen to the Dreaming that is going on within. We give our attention to the dream seeds that dwell within us and are waiting to be dreamed awake.

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Yes, I'll be coming to the Kiva
Please contact DawnJaguar: matti.straub@changels.ch
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